Welcome to Spring 2014 National
Meet the Firms Week
February 3-7, 2014

An online event that connects accounting students with the firms in their state. Participation is free for both students and firms. Use the links above to find out more information about what benefits you receive by participating.

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Signup for the Spring 2014 National Meet the Firms Week is now closed, but you can still create an account and apply for internships and other entry level positions on CollegeFrog.

How it Works

Participation requires a CollegeFrog profile


After creating your CollegeFrog profile, your profile and resume will be included in a digital resume book that is sent to all the participating firms in your state at the end of the event.

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After creating your CollegeFrog profile and the event has ended, you will receive a digital resume book of all the particpating students in your state.

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